The Marketing Genius Behind Elon Musk

Why You Need A Logo To Represent Your Business

In this article you are going to know what are the importance of Logo for a business is. There are always three pillars for your new startup or company to get recognition – the name of your business, slogan and the most important thing which is the logo of your business. A logo is the mark or symbolic representation which gives a representation to your company.

Why Is Expense Report Automation a Must?

Gone are the days when we had to carry out lots of mundane tasks and be inefficient in managing processes. Today, technology is making the processes easier and more simplified, allowing employees to spend more time on important tasks. Undoubtedly, every business process will benefit from automation; however, automation can help make business processes more efficient.

What Small Business Owners Can Learn From the Genius Marketing of the Olympics

Think small business owners have nothing to learn from the marketing used to promote the Olympics? Think again. You can use the same “magic beans” to attract — and keep — customers.

Don’t Make A Big Mistake When You Sign Your Claim or Certification

The importance of using an actual handwritten signature on your claim. Electronic signatures can be rejected.This article does not provide legal advice as to any particular transaction.

Employee Suggestion Schemes

Employee suggestion schemes provide businesses with an opportunity to leverage employees to generate cost savings ideas. The best initiatives are implemented with both businesses and employees benefiting. In addition to cost saving benefits to a business, there is usually a positive impact on employee morale.